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About Potts' Radiator

Potts' Radiator in Colorado Springs, CO is a family owned and operated radiator shop with over 25 years of experience. We are the closest full service shop to Pueblo and provide exceptional services to our clients. We are locally owned, certified, and insured.


  1. We're “old school.” We've provided radiator services since 1983. Before selling you a new radiator we will try to repair or rebuild your current radiator first. If you need a new radiator we will give you a complete 3 year guarantee instead of a lifetime warranty that is prorated after one year like our competitors. We also have over one hundred rebuilt radiators available for 1/3 of the cost of a new radiator.
  2. We are the most convenient radiator shop in Colorado Springs, CO. We're located only two blocks west of I-25 on South Circle Drive behind the 7-11 store off of Exit 138. We're the closest full service radiator shop to Pueblo and Canyon City.
  3. Our radiator shop is available six days a week and offers cash, military, and senior discounts.
  4. All of our radiators are pressure checked in front of the customer. Many times radiators are purchased from box stores and are installed and leak, which causes labor to have to be done twice.
  5. We have complete radiators for Peterbelt, Kensworth, and Mack trucks. Our industrial parts can save you hundreds of dollars and is much cheaper than having a new core built. We provide one day service in most cases.
  6. We specialize in boil and repair gas tanks, restoring older 1930-1950 Chevy, Ford, and Dodge radiators, and repairing skid loaders at 1/4th the cost of a new skid loader.
  7. Labor charges for installing radiators, heaters, and water pumps are guaranteed and kept at a minimum.
Garrett Potts' great great grand father and great grandfather - Potts' Radiators in Colorado Springs, CO
Garrett Pott's great-great-grandfather James Potts and his great-grandfather Joseph Potts
R. Bandhauer - potts radiator in Colorado Springs, CO
Fifth generation of Bandhauer Carriage Wagon Works and Blacksmith Shop
Established in 1871.
Garrett Potts - great-great-great-great-grandson of R. Bandhauer
Potts' family in front of Potts' Radiator - Potts' Radiator in Colorado Springs, CO
George Potts – Owner and Operator
Joe Potts- Son of George Potts
Julie Potts – Daughter of George Potts
Garrett Potts – Grandson of George Potts
Joe's Radiator shop established in the 1950's
Joe's Radiator Shop, established in the 1950's and operated by Joe Potts, Garrett's great-grandfather and Wayne Potts, Garrett's great-uncle.
Bandhauer Wagon and Carriage Works and Blacksmith 1871 - Potts' Radiator in Colorado Springs, CO
The Bandhauer Wagon and Carriage Works and Blacksmith
185 15th Street Denver, CO
Established in 1871 by R. Bandhauer Garrett's great-great-great-great-grandfather.


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